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News - updated March 12, 2019

- Since 16 April 2018 new important collaboration with the Ortho-Bio-Med specialized healthcare center in Roveredo (Grigioni - Graubünden - Switzerland)

- Workshops Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) with Dr. Joseph (Joe) Muscolino. Schedule of workshops - Contact us.

May 29, 2012, Giovanni Chetta was awarded the title of honorary member by the Italian Massage-physiotherapists Association (AIMFI) for scientific merit.

III International Fascia Congress logo- March 29, 2012, Conference "Fascia and posture: integrated approach case study", Giovanni Chetta, Third International Fascia Research Congress, session 12."Surgery" , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Logo Quintessence International- November 2011, Article "Kompleksinis Požiūris į Žmogaus Kūno Laikyseną", Giovanni Chetta, Melchiorre Crescente, in Quintessence International Lietuva Magazine, 3/2011, pagg 70-75.

logo Terra Rosa- July 2011, Article "The Biomechanics of Lumbar Fascia", Giovanni Chetta, Terra Rosa E-Magazine, issue 8: 37-40 - link to magazine - download the magazine.

Logo Quintessence International- June 2011, Article "Integrated approach to posture: case study / Integrierte Rehabilitation der Körperhaltung: eine Fallstudie", Giovanni Chetta, Melchiorre Crescente, in Journal of CranioMandibular Function (CMF) / Zeitschrift für Kraniomandibuläre Funktion, Quintessenz Publishing, Berlin (Germany), issue 2/2011, pagg 131-140.

- February 2011, article "From the ECM to Posture", Giovanni Chetta.

- June, 12 2010, Conference "Haltung, Tensegrity und extrazelluläre Matrix", Giovanni Chetta, Symposion der DGFDT "CMD - eine Frage der Haltung?", Wien - congress program and abstracts (pdf). Go to the video.

- June 2010, Artikel "Haltung, Tensegrity und EZM" (in German), Giovanni Chetta, DGFDT.

logo Terra Rosa- September 2009, "Interview with AssoTIB, Italy", Australian website Terra Rosa - go to the interview.

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