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"Health is a puzzle and the pieces are dietary, physical and mental education"

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Massage & Bodywork TIB (MATIB)
Maximally effective massage & bodywork for today’s human beings

"A massage can provide physical and mental wellness to both the individual receiving and the individual performing a massage, thanks to a skilled fusion of Western and Eastern techniques in light of recent discoveries in psychoneuro-endocrine-connective-immunology".

The Massage & Bodywork TIB is a manual technique expertly and scientifically merges ancient Eastern and modern Western methods. This is the result of developments, founded on the practice and research of Dr. Giovanni Chetta, of the Anti-Stress Massage of Dr. Giovanni Leanti La Rosa. During the session, the person receiving the massage lies in a state of complete relaxation and abandonment, cradled by the movements and enveloped by the hands of the masseur (bodyworker). This targets both the surface and deeper layers, melting away muscular, connective, and skeletal tensions, activating and rebalancing the circulation of liquid and energy, while increasing proprioception. The mind, under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system, enters into deep levels of relaxation (theta and delta), reawakening the “internal healing powers” hiding inside of the body. In this condition, the body produces natural pharmaceuticals (pain-relievers, anxyolitics, anti-depressants, etc) as well as the growth and longevity-promoting hormones (GH) responsible for cellular regeneration, resulting in the rejuvenation and strengthening of cellular regeneration processes. Deep breathing provides a rhythm to the treatment, helping the client loosen the diaphragm, releasing stress and negative emotions and “filling the body with oxygen”. The objective of each individual treatment is to achieve maximum efficiency. The masseur (bodyworker) executes techniques in perfect coordination with their body, which results in another special effect of this massage, providing wellbeing to both those who receive it as well as the masseur (bodyworker). Happiness and high spirits are the only “side effects”.

Massage & Bodywork TIB incorporates the following techniques into a single discipline:

  • Anti-stress, myorelaxing, connective, circulatory, visceral massage
  • Muscle stretching
  • Joint mobilization (decoaptation, proprioceptive, and neuro-associative)
  • Respiratory reeducation
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
The Massage & Bodywork TIB technique, in addition to providing maximum prevention and increasing wellbeing for people of all ages and even for pregnant women, is able to treat a vast spectrum of muscular, skeletal, fascial, neurological, organic, and psychological problems, in perfect synergy with other therapies. Depending on one’s needs, Massage & Bodywork TIB features the following modalities:
  • Wellness antistress massage specific for spas, beauty-centers, baths, etc.
  • Professional specific for therapeutic, outpatient, hospital purposes, etc.
  • Sport specific for competitive sports.
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Massage & Bodywork TIB, included in the TIBodywork method, is in perfect synergy with Postural Gym TIB into a Postural Reeducational Program.



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