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"Health is a puzzle and the pieces are dietary, physical and mental education"

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Postural Gym TIB (GPTIB)
Maximally effective gymnastic for nowadays people

"Through Postural TIB exercises we finally retake possession our complete self, meaning both our mind and body, and even spirit, following a path, which this time directly follows nature and never goes against it" .

Postural Gym TIB is a puzzle consisting of the best body and movements (gymnastics) techniques, both ancient and modern, the result of the study, research, and practice of Dr. Giovanni Chetta. This method is in constant evolution to meet the specific and personal needs of today with maximum effectiveness, according to the most recent scientific developments.
Another important feature of Postural Gym TIB is the use of exercises with a “targeted and multiple effect” to maximize the efficiency of the result, without any need for special machines or tools. Once learned, this type of exercise can be practiced on a daily basis at any time and place independently.

The main points that form the basis of Postural Gym TIB are the optimization of:

  1. Strength, Resistance, and myofascial elasticity
  2. Proprioception and motor skills
  3. Concentration, Relaxation, and Visualization ability
Thanks to a specific postural exercise program based on these ideas, it is possible to achieve a significant postural improvement at all ages, as well as balance and movement, accompanied by an increased general mental and physical wellbeing in addition to an improved aesthetic appearance.
The purpose of Postural Gym TIB includes the optimization of one’s state of wellbeing as well as important preventative measures, assisting in the treatment of the most common muscular and skeletal, circulatory, organic, neurological and mental problems. This form of exercise provides the foundation upon which specific training programs can be built.

Just like Massage & Bodywork TIB, Postural Gym TIB also features the following modalities:

  • Wellness specific for spas, beauty-centers, baths, etc.
  • Professional specific for therapeutic, outpatient, hospital purposes, etc.
  • Sport specific for competitive sports.
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Postural Gym TIB, included in the TIBodywork method, is in perfect synergy with Massage & Bodywork TIB into a Postural Reeducational Program.



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